Daily Blind Item — Arguing Anorexia


Apparently this B / C list relationship on the verge of no longer being a thing.

“Nonstop arguments over her weight,” confides a source. “He feels she doesn’t eat enough and he’s not the only one in her life that does”

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who are our couple in dire straits?

47 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Arguing Anorexia

  1. Natalia Dyer from Stranger Things. She’s dating Charlie Heaton from the show and as a fabulous gay, I always respect a skinny bitch, but she’s the first actress I’ve noticed on Netflix that needs a hamburger, a milkshake and a therapist with a notebook.


  2. At least you’ve admitted you have a problem. Now do you have access to an emergency box of twinkies? It’s time to start getting better. 😉


  3. Everyone here is assuming the B/C list pair are actors. Why can’t it be Posh & Becks? VB walks around all day with that “my shit don’t smell” superior manner, lording it over her sweatshop smalls. Becks is worried he might have to have a conversation with his children for once if Posh fades into a rolled-up ballet shoe. What really puzzles him is that he’s heard about scrawny kids throwing up to lose weight, but why do passers-by throw up when they see Posh?


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