Daily Blind Item — Not Feeling It


I’m getting fed a lot of gossip on this A list actor that was once amongst the biggest names in Hollywood and the latest information I’ve been fed is pretty bizarre.

You may be wondering why he doesn’t work as often as he used to and often takes supporting roles over leading roles, and our source has a rather interesting explanation.

‘Some days he just doesn’t feel like being funny,’ says the source, ‘so he’ll take the day off regardless of commitments. It’ll cost the studios hundreds of thousands and productions will often have to abruptly film around his absence.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our funny man that sometimes just doesn’t feel it?

34 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Not Feeling It

  1. Possibly Vince Vaughn, dears? He seems to be falling into more and more supporting parts and shying away from the comedy films of his past.


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