Daily Blind Item — Banned from Air


Isn’t this ironic?

Apparently this former A list radio personality, who built a career out of shock, has a list of terminology and topics banned from the air and won’t let staffers or callers even touch them.

‘[name omitted]’s producer sent an email out with the list and occasionally updates it when [name omitted] wants to add something,’ whispers a source. ‘People are scared to be fired if they ever challenge him.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our new fan of censorship?

50 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Banned from Air

    • Another hypocritical American conservative that has no problem chastising liberals for their behaviour and aiding and abetting in the War on Drugs, all the while living a double live away from the cameras. Where would Rush be now if that Right Wing he loves and worships so much had their way and introduced harsher drug penalties? Incarcerated!


  1. Gotta be someone like Howard Stern. Biggest shock jock in the world at one point and it is definitely ironic that he’s gone down that darn PC censorship route, especially since he used to be a big old First Amendment defender.


  2. Funny how howard used to make fun of Imus and his wife for running a ranch for kids. Nowadays, Howard and his horse toothed wife are running a cat shelter from the inside of their home. All day, you’ll hear Howard pimp out North Shore Animal League and say what a saint Beth is. *****Barf**** **** Hypocrite*****


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