The Gossip Life Says Goodbye


There’s no easy way to say this, Gossipers, so I’ll be frank: Christina’s bitch needs a break, Sam needs to recharge and Scott and Johnny Box Office are burned out.

That’s why The Gossip Life is scheduled for a near month long vacation from today, but the entire team will return with the greatest gossip and a week of blind item reveals on the 20th of November.

Thank you for supporting us and we look forward to returning to you in November.

Yours in Gossip,

TGL Team


27/11/17 UPDATE: Due to personal and professional reasons, The Gossip Life is extending our break by another week.

Several reveals and blind items are already written for our eventual return with reveals on Kevin Spacey and the Daily Mail on the horizon.

Apologises. Sometimes life gets in the way.

139 thoughts on “The Gossip Life Says Goodbye

  1. I hope you’re educating yourselves and coming to the conclusion that your brand of journalism and coverage needs to change and adapt with the liberalism of the times.


    • I’ve been insanely busy with school lately, so I haven’t been on here much, but that email got me to click so fast that I think I broke my keyboard.


  2. November 20th is my bday week. Happy Birthday to me bitches!!! In the meantime I’ll self medicate with twinkles, cheap booze, the occasional sprinkling of angel dust, and meaningless sex with sailors.

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  3. That’s one depressing headline! The daily gossip will be greatly missed, but I very, very much look forward to the latter half of next month. I’m quite literally counting the days. Have fun!


  4. Just going to use this post as a catch all during TGL’s absence.

    Apparently EVERYONE in Hollywood has been sexually harassed or abused.

    Selena can’t quit Justin.

    Beyonce is still trying to be a movie star.


  5. Top of the week to you, GLifers.

    1. Apparently EVERYONE in Westminster has been sexually harassed or abused.

    2. Rich people like to stay rich and squirrel away their mad bank on islands that they then vacation on. Dave feel free to come for Bono!

    3. The ACLU is totally fucking up Taylor Swift’s album drop with their I ❤ Free Speech and the first amendment shit. Fucking haterz.


    • I cannot believe that sexual assault and harassment has suddenly become the “sexy” issue, knocking Trump’s orange ass firmly off the headlines…


      • I love that the ACLU published the C&D letter even after the lawyer claimed it was illegal to do so. Also loved the mini #metoo on twitter with writers talking about the times they’d received a Swift C&D letter.


  6. About a blind item here about a sports star with faux relationship problems hoping for a reality tv show. Amir Khan has just gotten back with his wife AND is headed to Aus for I’m a Celebrity.


  7. In other entertainment news– Miss “I don’t want to talk about Woody Allen or Polanski” Kate Winslet has given the virtue signalling speech to end all virtue signalling speeches.

    “The greatest privilege for me has been learning how to use my voice on behalf of others,” Winslet said. “And, for me, that is standing up for individuals who do not have the means to help themselves, whether they have autism and are non-verbal, whether they are homeless because of addiction, abuse or fear or helping a person who is dying … because they haven’t the money to pay for the specialist treatment that could save their life. I can’t stand that, so helping others who are striving to find a place in the world where they are understood, heard, accepted, supported, appreciated or given a right to a life — these are the individuals I am passionate about helping.”


  8. Top of the mid-week to you GLifers.

    1. Apparently EVERYONE within 20 feet of Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose has been sexually harassed.

    2. We now know why Solange went ape shit on JayZ in the elevator.

    3. Two people are getting married in the UK. Those two people may or may not staff the Gossip Life.


  9. Guess it’s up to me to keep the goss going. Here’s a mix of blind items and gossip.

    1. Apparently EVERYONE within 20 feet of Santa Claus has been sexually harassed. The elves took the brunt of it but the reindeer didn’t escape St. Nick’s pudgy, wandering fingers.

    2. Speaking of reindeer…which antlered star won’t be pulling the sleigh this Christmas because he’s too busy seeking treatment for his out of control heroin addiction?

    3. Which British prince and his American girlfriend have been making some money on the side by running a gossip site in their spare time?


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