The Return of The Gossip Life


Guess who’s back, back again. GL’s back, tell a friend.

You heard that right, Gossipers. After what felt like a break of Debra Winger proportions, the Gossip Life has returned to provide you with the best gossip and blind items available online, complete with classic Eminem lyrics.

We can only apologize for the lost time, but technical difficulties, as well as work commitments, caused us enter a state of chaos late last year and we barely had time to bathe for the most part, so the Gossip Life had to go on a short hiatus.

We’re all washed up now and fortunately our technical difficulties are solved and our work commitments have lulled, so we’re here and dedicated to having a great week back with several great reveals, stories and posts already in the works.

Stay clicking. We have a lot to catch up on.

PS: Despite popular rumor, no one at the Gossip Life is secretly Meghan Markle and anyone caught spreading that will not only be banned, but placed in the Tower of London 😉

PSS: Do we still want Disqus? We have the option now.

38 thoughts on “The Return of The Gossip Life

  1. “Despite popular rumor, no one at the Gossip Life is secretly Meghan Markle”

    Whatever the fuck you say, Meghan, ya bougie bitch.


  2. The Gossip Life staff better have cured cancer during that period of time. It’s the only thing that possibly justifies three month off.


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