Daily Blind Item — No Filming


Hugh Jackman became a huge meme after the Golden Globes on Sunday when his hilariously vexed reaction to James Franco beating him out for the award went viral.

This A list actor didn’t up attending in the end, but you wouldn’t have caught him in the same position because our very high-up source tells us he made a special request of the producers of the show.

‘Please don’t go to [name omitted] for reaction shots,’ his people informed them, worried that his reactions to a speech, a joke etc. might show him in a bad light.

It’s finally happened, lifers. We’ve found the one actor that doesn’t want to be filmed!

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our actor?



38 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — No Filming

  1. Probably Joss Whedon. His ex-wife famously attacked his feminist creds recently and maybe he thought Seth Meyers would take a shot.


      • He worked hard to get them. Nearly every single one of his shows or movies has a strong empowered women. It’s just another case of separating the art from the artist for me. Joss Whedon the director and writer is a feminist icon. Joss Whedon the person not so much.


        • His reasons for casting women don’t seem genuine to me, though. He never casts ‘real women’ (forgive the nomenclature, but couldn’t think of anything better) that aren’t conventionally attractive or young. Didn’t his ex-wife say that he usually tries to get it on with his actresses? That would explain a lot to me…


  2. Batfleck. Been underfire big time for his treatment of women in the past, but seems to be flying under the radar for the most part. A grimace at Jessica Chastain droning on about feminism might have caused a backlash, though.


  3. Did De Niro go to the ceremony? He seems like the only one who could make this deal with producers and also seems like someone whose fuck off face would come out when people starting going on about feminism.


    • De Niro mugging during speeches should be a thing. We need to dedicate a camera solely to it award shows. Think of the ratings! 😉


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