Daily Blind Item — You Raped Me


Apparently this former A list starlet pitched a news publication an article in which she detailed the sexual abuse she experienced over the years, pointing fingers at prominent directors, actors and producers, but publishing it would have meant a world of problems for the media source and apparently they couldn’t find many people to substantiate the allegations.

I hear it was juicy, though.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our former A list starlet?

50 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — You Raped Me

    • I’m more curious to know who she would accuse. Bret Ratner is definitely one of the people. I’m sad that the news place couldn’t make it work.


    • I just don’t think Lohan speaking out would have enhanced the movement. She has a bad reputation and I’m not sure many people would take her seriously. With that being said, I intend on automatically believing the victims until proven otherwise, so I wish she would speak out if she had anything to say. It may even encourage other victims of the people she accuses to stand up…


  1. Going old school but I can’t see a bloody clue in this for the life of me. Drew Barrymore? Spielberg’s the godfather and there’s been a few rumours floating around him!!


  2. Pitched seems like a clue. Anna Kendrick has already written one book about her time in the industry, why not another with a more #metoo slant.


  3. This must have been during the previous period when prominent liberal men got free passes for sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.


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