Daily Blind Item — It’s All Over


This actor-director duo are one of the greatest in the history of modern film, but the working relationship is officially no more, one source informs me.

‘It’s broken down,’ he says with sadness. ‘They have made a decision to take some part from each other and work on separate project for the foreseeable future.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who are our duo?

47 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — It’s All Over

  1. What about actors that need to lose directors? Mark Wahlberg seriously needs to dump Peter Berg because he’s killing his career.


    • The revival was unadulterated, absolute David Lynch at his peak and I fully understand why people would find that convoluted and a mess, but I found it to be exhilarating and powerful. So grateful for Showtime giving Lynch that forum and so much agency…


  2. I honestly believe Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese decided this years ago. Pleased to see they’re reuniting on The Irishman. Geek out.


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