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Daily Blind Item — Mental Welfare


Friends and family of this high profile Hollywood activist are worried about their mental well-being, sources tell me.

‘[name omitted] has been having some very strange thoughts,’ a source whispers. ‘I won’t get into detail, but it’s scary.’

Another blames the era of Trump for triggering something in the activist.

So, tell me, Gossipers;

Who is our activist?



    • This is modern philosophy. Rose is a brave genius that deserves praise and encouragement for her fight against the patriarchy and industry misogyny. I am proud to be included as a #RoseArmy member. We fight for truth. We raise our voices. We shine light on darkness. And we will no longer be silenced. We listen. We speak. We act. We are relentless.


          • Rose McGowan is a little whore who took the 100K settlement money that Weinstein gave here, then she went and very openly fucked Robert Rodriguez, a married director who then cast Rose in a couple of B rated movies. She casting couched with Robert, thereby causing the dissolution of his marriage (he obviously is to blame as well)…she is a drug addict and a plastic surgery addict (look at how she fucked up her face) and she is completely hypocritical and unstable….she is no way represents real #MeToo women, as most of these women do not sleep their way up the ladder, are not coke or plastic surgery whores, and not usually compensates 100K for their silence.

            Queen Sheba…it appears that your values are screwed up. Like Rose, you should get checked out.


  1. Joss Whedon. I never considered himself to be an overly political person until Trump got elected and suddenly he started sending our tweets just as bizarre as Trump. Still love Firefly.


    • I’m pretty sure she only endorsed him because she despises the corporate asskissing of the Clintons and thinks Trump will bring about a revolution quicker.


    • Sarandon was a huge Bernie supporter and refused to support Clinton because of her involvement during Iraq and her corporate interests. She never endorsed Trump. She just declined to endorse Clinton.


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