Daily Blind Item — Mental Welfare


Friends and family of this high profile Hollywood activist are worried about their mental well-being, sources tell me.

‘[name omitted] has been having some very strange thoughts,’ a source whispers. ‘I won’t get into detail, but it’s scary.’

Another blames the era of Trump for triggering something in the activist.

So, tell me, Gossipers;

Who is our activist?

43 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Mental Welfare

  1. Joss Whedon. I never considered himself to be an overly political person until Trump got elected and suddenly he started sending our tweets just as bizarre as Trump. Still love Firefly.


    • I’m pretty sure she only endorsed him because she despises the corporate asskissing of the Clintons and thinks Trump will bring about a revolution quicker.


    • Sarandon was a huge Bernie supporter and refused to support Clinton because of her involvement during Iraq and her corporate interests. She never endorsed Trump. She just declined to endorse Clinton.


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