Blind Item Revealed — Kevin Spacey

I’m hearing this A-list actor that just won’t come out has such a bad reputation for fondling and propositioning young men in London that he’s been banned from several choice establishments. He just won’t give them space.

Who is our perverted actor?

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Kevin Spacey

Blind Item Posting: 03/05/15

The Story: Kevin Spacey investigated over second London sex allegation / ‘House of Cards’ employees allege sexual harassment, assault by Kevin Spacey

Popular Guesses: Kevin Spacey

It was by far the biggest show business story of 2017 and he’s by far the biggest victim of what has been called the “Weinstein effect”, but the Gossip Life did tip you off to Spacey’s reputation and the rumours surrounding him as early as 2015.

It’s been an open secret since at least the mid 90’s that Spacey was a closeted homosexual, but his stature as a sexual predator has been kept much quieter with very few publications even alluding to the news.

Spacey has been so far accused of sexual assault by over fifteen men, including the actor Anthony Rapp who accused Spacey of drunkenly adavncing on him when he was just 14.

As I reported in the initial blind item, Spacey was notorious for predatory behaviour in London during his tenure as the Artistic Director of the Old Vic theater in the West End and multiple staffers from that period have since spoken about their negative experiences with the Academy Award-winner.

Spacey is currently in rehab in Arizona over his behaviour and has been fired by Netflix from his political drama House of Cards. The actor has also been cut out and replaced by Christopher Plummer in Ridley Scott’s upcoming movie All the Money in the World.


18 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed — Kevin Spacey

  1. I always found him to be terribly overrated, dears. I watched a few episodes of House of Cards and was turned off by his atrocious come-and-go Southern accent.


  2. Kevin Spacey was rich and handsome, and still chose to be predatory in his approach on young men. This supports the claim that sexual assault and harassment is as much about power as it is about lust.


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