Daily Blind Item — Family Show


If you thought one Kardashian family was bad…

This A list family, which has had a little experience with reality television in the past, has reportedly approached E! for a reality TV show that follows the lives of nearly every member.

‘It would be great for their brand,’ says the source, ‘which has declined in relevance a tad in the last few years and I’d be lying if I said the potential income wasn’t a big appeal either.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our A list family?

37 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Family Show

  1. Probably the Beckhams. The Spice Girl reunion seems like a desperate attempt at relevance for Posh and Becks wants those untalented, ugly kids to be famous.


  2. Could this possibly be Yolanda Foster and her “super model” daughters, Gigi and Bella, dears? The mention of reality television experience has led me to believe so.


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