Daily Blind Item — Oscar Meltdown


Tradition was broken last night at the Academy Awards when Casey Affleck declined to present the Best Actress category and was replaced by the female duo of Oscar-winners, Jennifer Lawrence and Jodie Foster.

One A list actor was furious about change, lamenting Hollywood and the Academy for pressuring Casey to stand down and trying to present a “feminist agenda”.

‘Now they’re all fucking feminist heros,’ a source quotes the actor as saying. ‘They were the fucking people that knew about that bastard [Weinstein] and still supported him’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our angry actor?

31 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Oscar Meltdown

      • Exactly. Forget the circumstances. Forget whether it’s heartfelt. Just appreciate that it’s actually happening. It’s an attitude that myself and many women in this industry have because we’ve needed this for so long.


  1. I seriously think this might be Gary Oldman. He already went on an anti-liberal rant when his movie The Contender was released, where he fired off about a “liberal agenda” from the studio.


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