Daily Blind Item — Worrying Pregnancy


This former teen icon is reportedly carrying a baby and that has her family worried BIG TIME.

They aren’t sure about her relationship partner and don’t know if she’s still in the right place emotionally and mentally, especially after a damaging incident a few years ago.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our expectant one?

34 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Worrying Pregnancy

  1. Amanda Byrnes has looked rather round in the latest pap snaps, dears. Perhaps she’s expecting a litter. I could definitely sympathise with the familial worry if this was the case. I’m optimistic that Drake isn’t the father at the least, but stranger things have happened.


    • A lot of people who are mental health survivors actually decide not to have children out of the fear of passing on the illness. Sarah Silverman made the choice not to procreate because she didn’t want her children to inherit her depression.


  2. Emma Roberts and Evan Peters. Remember they had that whole domestic abuse situation? I could see her family being worried about bringing a child into that…


    • One incident might not be indicative of their relationship as a whole and because it was just one incident I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.


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