Daily Blind Item — Big Summer Bomb


Summer is only a few months away and that means the box office is gearing up to take money in like it’s going out of fashion.

A source informs me that I shouldn’t expect this BIG NAME movie to make any money, however, saying that it’s “a certified bomb at this point” and we should witness the people behind the movie trying to mitigate the damage in the near future.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

What is our movie

38 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Big Summer Bomb

  1. My surrogate son was obsessed with Battle Angel Alita for the longest time and I know that has a film coming out this year. Could definitely see that not working out. He’d be devastated, though, so I hope it does for his sake.


      • Avatar and Titanic both sounded like shit, but I fucking loved them and saw both in theaters five times. Not ashamed to admit it.


        • Avatar was a bad movie, but a great experience. I tried re-watching recently and it doesn’t hold up. Titanic is still pretty great, although I will go to my grave saying Rose could have shared the door with Leo.


      • James Cameron isn’t directing, though. Robert Rodriguez is and what was his last hit? Sin City 2 failed sadly, that Spy Kids reboot sucked and I can’t remember seeingthe Danny Trejo movies he did.


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