Daily Blind Item — Real Housewives, Real Dish


1. I’ve been told that a real housewife is planning on going down the route of ‘Will she? Won’t she?’ in regards to signing up for another series of her franchise show.

Well… a source close to the housewife in question tells The Gossip Life that the whole thing is just a ploy for publicity and drama, and that she’s actually already signed up for another year.

‘She’s one of the biggest stars,’ says the source, ‘so the fans will definitely be invested in her potentially quitting. I think she likes the mentions.’

2. Another real housewife has been pushing for a return to her hit show and has been befriending members of the cast in order to garner “inside” support.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our first real housewife?

Who is our second real housewife?

33 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Real Housewives, Real Dish

  1. 1. lisa vanderpump. she pulls this jive every year and it is lame af.

    2. kim z. rhoa. atlanta don’t need you or your fake ass daughter.


  2. The apples are a clue. The Real Housewives of New York hold apples in the opener. Remember when Dorinda forgot that and thought Carole was calling John a pig? So funny.

    Bethenny “Fame Whore” Frankel. She told Megyn Kelly that she’s unsure that she’s coming back for next year. Boring.
    Jill Zarin. She’s working hard to get back on the show. She even whored out Bobby’s funeral for camera time.


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