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Blind Item Revealed — Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden

This A-list actress is terrified that if she accepts a movie in the near future she’ll return to find her marriage in a completely different state. It explains why she hasn’t got anything in the pipeline, according to my source. She still gets good offers

Who is she?


Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden

Blind Posting: 18/12/15

Popular Guesses: Julia Roberts / Cameron Diaz

The Story: ‘I’m done!’ Cameron Diaz, 45, ‘retires from acting’ to focus on her ‘great life’ as a stay-at-home wife to husband Benji Madden, 39

The Daily Mail confirmed my original story in the shadiest way possible: by wrapping the harsh truths in a cute little headline.

Diaz, 45, hasn’t done anything since 2014 when she met Madden, 39, despite, as I said, receiving good offers on a semi-regular basis. The reason for this is simple, Diaz is happy and she was terrified that by leaving to film a movie for months on end, that when she would return the relationship would have changed overnight.

Our source says Diaz has felt that has happened before in the past with several flings losing their lustre after an arduous film shoot.

Apparently a Bad Teacher sequel was in the works in 2014 and Diaz rejected the opportunity to star, turning down a 7 figure offer from the offset.



  1. Sounds like an incredibly healthy foundation, bubby. I guess Hollywood needs to find a new young blonde with some spunk.


  2. It seems like they’re happy and getting on, so I really wish them the best, even if it is a little shady how she doesn’t work anymore and he does :/


  3. “Our source says Diaz has felt that has happened before in the past with several flings losing their lustre after an arduous film shoot.”

    I really believe this. Average shoot is 3 months or something like that and a lot can change in 3 months…


    • It’s the concept of love that she’s chasing, but if you’re dedicating yourself to a partner to the point you’re retired from working again and his professional life hasn’t changed whatsoever, then there appears to be an issue with the relationship.


  4. I doubt this is true somehow. I’ve read other blinds saying different things entirely. She has done movies for 20 years, maybe she has just had enough.


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