Daily Blind Item — My Career, My Decisions



She’s one of the hottest comedic actresses in the world right now, but that doesn’t mean she’s playing by Hollywood’s rules and listening to agents and producers for career advise.

Our comedic actress, who’s also a comedian, has been making all of her decisions recently herself, actively ignoring anyone in the industry, no matter how close the relationship is.

‘I got this far making my own decisions,’ she’s reported as drunkenly telling a friend on a girl’s night out. ‘I was the one who went after [breakout project], not anybody else. I listened to them for years and look where it got me.’

‘None of the top agents bother with her because they know she don’t wanna listen,’ the friend then tells me. ‘One motherf***er told her that even Barbra Streisand shuts her mouth and listens sometimes. She’s ain’t got time for it.’

People tell me that it’s a frustrating experience working with the comedic actress because she does tend to want to trust her own intuition, but credit where credit is due, she’s making bank and becoming certified A list thanks to that attitude.

Who is our funny girl?

37 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — My Career, My Decisions

    • Always found her overrated. Give me Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley as a comedic pairing any day, but I’m not a big fan of French and Saunders together.


    • I tried to watch A Bucket Of French and Saunders because I really got into Absolutely Fabulous and I must only get some British humor because I didn’t find any of it funny.


  1. Good for whoever it is. Convinced Hollywood people know fuck all about anything and just pretends for the most part. Yet to see a film formula that works every time.


  2. Kristen Wiig? She went after SNL on her own accord, co-wrote Bridesmaids and seems to be trying to go down a dramatic actress path over comedy roles. If anyone has the balls to ignore the Ari Golds of the world, then it’s Kristen Wiig.


  3. I can’t think of one decent, truly funny female comedic actress. Wiig, sure, but her work of late has been more weird and dark than funny. McCarthy does the same schtick time after time. Schumer…ugh.


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