Daily Blind Item — Cocaine Budget


Dennis Quaid insisted that movies often have a cocaine allocation cleverly hidden in the budget and while various sources over the years have insisted that isn’t as common as it was once in the 80’s, one source has recently touched base with me to insist that this upcoming movie, highly anticipated and highly budgeted, definitely had a secret allocation.

She won’t tell me what the “code name” is for the white powder, but she is telling me the budget was at least 6 figures and it might even be broaching 7.

I guess when you look at the cast, it does become rather obvious. Let’s just hope nobody goes overboard and ends up dead.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

What is our movie?

PS: We’re reintroduced hints in our blind items upon popular demand, so.

44 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Cocaine Budget

  1. I bloody think it’s disgusting that drug use is encouraged by major film studios in Hollywood. I might be old prude, but it’s just wrong!!


  2. Since TGL mentioned they’re now including hints and clues again, am I being too obvious by thinking they’re referring to Overboard because they literally say the word? Anna Faris, Eva Longoria and John Hannah look like they enjoy nose candy.


  3. Deadpool 2. Big budgeted and even I’m looking forward to that shit. Josh Brolin is a cokehead. Ryan Reynolds and TJ Miller are probably ones too.


  4. Dennis Quaid blowing the secrets of the trade without even pushing a book. In all seriousness, as a middle level executive, I have never even heard of a secret coke or drug budget, but that’s probably above my pay grade. If Petty Producer still lurks it would be great to hear from him on this.


  5. Movie – Dame Edna: My Life. Highly anticipated and an A-list cast which consists of Dame E playing all the parts and getting all the Columbian nose candy!!


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