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Daily Blind Item — Famous Family Fighting


They’re both members of a famous family and were both big names in their fields in Hollywood, but the days haven’t been too kind to either of them and although I wouldn’t call either of them outsiders just yet, they’re not nearly as relevant or as famous as they were during the good old days.

One of the big names, the director / producer type, attempted to put together a comeback package and asked the actor to lend their name and talent to the film, but, despite the conversation(s) going well and the script apparently being decent, the actor declined and it’s caused a family feud.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is the director / producer type?

Who is the actor?

Actor is gender-neutral in this blind.



  1. Thinking this is possibly Johnny Depp and Lily Rose. He’s become a producer since 2011 and I could see him wanting to cast his daughter and her saying no. Could imagine that creating chaos in that fragile family setting.


  2. Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas? The Howards are definitely a famous family. His last movie was Inferno and that tanked. She has the Jurassic World franchise. I could see him offering her a role in something and her turning it down.

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      • I guess she was a slightly bigger name in the mid 2000’s with The Village, Spider-Man and that Lars Von Tier Dogville sequel? It’s arguable, though…


  3. Francis Ford Copolla and Nicholas Cage. A clue could be the mention of “the outsiders” which is a film that Francis directed!!


  4. Judd and Maude Apatow? She only really appeared in his projects until recently and she’s stopped doing anything that involves him. Can’t blame her for wanting to escape his bad movies.


  5. Francis Ford Coppola and Talia Shire, his sister who was Adrienne in “Rocky”.. and ..Connie Corleone in “The Godfather” Franchise?….(Outsiders clue for Coppola and the fact that they emphasized that the actor is ‘gender-neutral’ for Talia)


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