Blind Item Revealed — WWE & The Undertaker

We told you about Goldberg’s illustrious return to the WWE after over ten years away and here we are again with another similar scoop – we’ve received word about another wrestling legend – not Goldberg – returning to the ring after some time in retirement.

‘It’s not a sure thing yet,’ our WWE source tells us, ‘but there’s definitely been overtures and interest.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our wrestling superstar?


The Undertaker and the WWE

Blind Posting: 11/01/18

Popular Guesses: Stone Cold Steve Austin / The Rock / Daniel Bryan / The Undertaker

The Story: The Undertaker Returns to WresleMania, Defeats John Cena

Despite the BBC and many other media sources reporting that legendary wrestler and regular WWE fixture for almost 30 years The Undertaker had retired back in early 2017, the former WWE Champion shockingly reversed the apparent decision and wrestled again at the company’s biggest event of the year, WrestleMania 34.

I was told in January that while The Undertaker had officially retired the previous year with his final fight being a loss against the controversial Roman Reigns, the WWE was reaching out in an attempt to lure the star into another match with his opponent being the popular John Cena, who was passionately advocating for the bout behind the scenes.

Despite The Undertaker’s declining psychical condition and initial reluctance to wrestle again, The Undertaker agreed and faced off against Cena at WrestleMania with Cena losing in under ten minutes. The WWE kept the Deadman’s manifestation a surprise and built the show around John Cena repeatedly challenging him to absolutely no response.

My source has told me since that The Undertaker, 53, received his best payday ever for the appearance and was paid over 7 figures, which makes him one of the highest paid wrestlers of the year and quite possibly of all time.

The WWE have also announced The Undertaker is set to wrestle again with an appearance at the Greatest Ever Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia currently scheduled.



5 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed — WWE & The Undertaker

  1. Undertaker looked better than he has for years and the match was perfectly booked. It was the best it could have been, but no more please.


    • Not the biggest follower of pro wrestling, but there’s something sad about someone refusing to give up even though they probably should. It reminds me of the Mickey Rourke movie, The Wrestler.


  2. Can’t understand why the WWE had John Cena job to The Undertaker. This just a redoing of Rock v Cena with the rematch coming next year at Mania.


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