Daily Blind Item — Fighting Between Shows


Two of the biggest shows in the western world (Although I hear one is big in Asia) exist on the same network and what does that mean exactly? It should mean unity and team spirit, but in the world of television it means fierce competition and the network had to have an intervention with the showrunners to stop tension from getting too out of control.

‘[Show A] just feel that their success has allowed [Show B] to have so much creative freedom and such a high budget and they don’t appreciate it or show gratitude.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

What is the network?

What is Show A?

What is Show B?

41 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Fighting Between Shows

  1. House of Cards and The Crown on Netflix? Must be a bit of bad feeling over The Crown becoming the new big thing while House of Cards is purely known for the Kevin Spacey situation at the moment.


  2. The Walking Dead and The Terror on AMC? TWD has an insane following in Asia and that’s pretty much all I’m basing this on :/


      • You go to a European country on vacation and there’s so many of these tiny Chinaman running hefker, annoying everyone, bubalah. It’s like one of Woody Allen’s dreams.


  3. What unbelievable manipulation in this blind item. Focusing on the fact that people in a certain part of the world enjoy a television show. Likely included that little titbit so the sharks in the comments could smell the blood and make their horrifically racist jokes.


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