Daily Blind Item — Cannot Cope


I guess the old routine of locking your bedroom door and screaming into a pillow doesn’t work for this stressed A list writer-producer anymore.

The A lister is on the top of their game and is considered to be one of the best in the industry, but with several successful television projects under their cap and a demand for more, they’re just struggling to cope.

‘[Name omitted] adored the job for so many years,’ a source confides, ‘but with kid[s], work feuds and mounting pressure, I think they’re falling out of love. [Name omitted] keeps joking that he understands why Dave Chapelle quit and ran away all those years ago.’

‘[Name omitted] needs to scale back,’ the source continues. ‘Everyone is telling them.’

The source didn’t use the word breakdown at any point, but that’s what I was getting.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our A lister?


39 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Cannot Cope

  1. Ryan Murphy. It is insane the amount of shows that he produces in a year. He’s probably the most prolific producer-creator in television. American Horror Story, American Crime Story, Feud, 9-1-1 and he has several more coming due to his new $300 million dollar Netflix deal.


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