On This Day — May 3rd


May 3rd is the 123rd day of the year (124th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 242 days remaining until the end of the year.


1491 – Nkuwu Nzinga of the Kingdom of Kongo was baptised as João I by Portuguese missionaries.

1848 – The Benty Grange helmet, a boar-crested Anglo-Saxon helmet similar to those in Beowulf, was discovered in Derbyshire, England.

1913 – Raja Harishchandra, the first Indian feature-length film, was released.

1920 – Relying on the 11th Red Army operating in neighboring Azerbaijan, Bolsheviks attempted to stage a coup d’etat in Georgia.

1999 – A Doppler on Wheels team measured the fastest winds recorded on Earth (301 ±20 mph, or 484 ±32 km/h) in a tornado near Bridge Creek, Oklahoma, U.S.

Celebrity Birthdays

Amy Ryan turns 49

Bobby Cannavale turns 48

Dule Hill turns 43

Christina Hendricks turns 43

Rebecca Hall turns 36

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