On This Day — May 8th

CW Upfront Presentation, New York, America - 19 May 2016

May 8th is the 128th day of the year (129th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 237 days remaining until the end of the year.


1842 – A train derailed and caught fire in Paris, killing between 52 and 200 people.

1924 – Lithuania signed the Klaipėda Convention with the nations of the Conference of Ambassadors, formally taking the Klaipėda Region (German: Memelland) from East Prussia and making it into an autonomous region under unconditional sovereignty of Lithuania.

1945 – A parade to celebrate the end of World War II turned into a riot, followed by widespread disturbances and killings in and around Sétif, French Algeria.

1963 – In Huế, South Vietnam, soldiers of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam opened fire into a crowd of Buddhist protestors against a government ban on the flying of the Buddhist flag on Vesākha, killing nine and sparking the Buddhist crisis.

1987 – A British Army Special Air Service unit ambushed a Provisional Irish Republican Army unit in Loughgall, Northern Ireland, killing eight IRA members and a civilian.

Celebrity Birthdays

David Attenborough turns 92

Melissa Gilbert turns 54

Stephen Amell turns 37

Matt Willis turns 35



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