Trash Watch — Rihanna Cosplays as the Pope at the Met Ball


It’s unfortunately that time of year again, Gossipers. The time of year where the Daily Mail posts eighty articles a minute and we all have to pretend we care and tweet about it.

I of course talk about fashion’s lamest day, the Met Ball, which, organised by the scary-looking Anna Wintour from Vogue, held its annual fundraising gala and went for the oddly-picked blasphemous theme of Catholicism.

While the vast majority of B and C listers in attendance interpreted the theme loosely and only went as far as choosing dresses sporting cardinal reds or virginal whites, Rihanna went hard, dressing in a slutty Papal outfit and looking like a freakish creature from a futuristic dystopia imagined by the The Wachowskis and realised into another bomb movie.

I am a big fan of Rihanna and rate her as one of the top artists around, but I’ve never found her to be particular inspired when it comes to style and yesterday I was proven right once again.

It still wasn’t as bad as Madonna that one year…

BUT we’re still putting you on trash watch, R.


18 thoughts on “Trash Watch — Rihanna Cosplays as the Pope at the Met Ball

  1. Ferkockt theme. Anna Wintour was a thing of the past when she started sucking the schmeckles of the Kardashians. Feh!


  2. Too much. The theme needs to be a guidance, not a demand. This happens every year where somebody takes it way too seriously and looks over the top.


  3. Another woman SHAMED for expressing her sexuality and individuality by the masses. Society continues to be an unashamed misogynistic hoard.


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