Daily Blind Item — Bad Influence


I heard – through other people – from the parent of a famous girl’s boyfriend recently and I got hit with such an avalanche of gossip and drama that I felt as drained as Kris Jenner reading Kanye West’s tweets.

Apparently the parent is worried about her son, feeling that the famous girl he dates is a bad influence and is leading him down an incredibly negative path with drugs, sex and all that other stuff.

‘I understand it’s a part of modern dating,’ the mother reportedly said, ‘but this just isn’t fair to me.’

I have a feeling this won’t be the first and the last time I hear about this.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our famous girl?

Bonus if you can guess the boyfriend.

34 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Bad Influence

  1. Is Bella Thorne seeing anyone that isn’t a celeb? Think I’d be worried about my son bunking up with that and I don’t even have one.


  2. A perfect example of institutionalised sexism. Posters condemning a caring mother for succumbing to natural instincts and worrying about her son. You people are monsters.


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