Daily Blind Item — Less & Less


I’m not saying this A lister is taking the Cameron Diaz route and pulling the shutter down on his superstar acting career, but would I be surprised if he retired and went to live on a private island somewhere? Not at this point.

He was once a prolific actor, mixing the commercial with the artistic, but he’s scaled back working in recent years and has very little planned for the future.

Sources tell me conflicting things, but the only thing that is clear is the actor has made a decision to work less and doesn’t appear to be regretting it.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our actor that is doing less and less?

PS: Waiting to hear back from the source that told me about Diaz’s retirement regarding this. No luck so far.

44 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Less & Less

  1. Dame Edna has finally had enough and will be retiring to transition into a male and be cared for by her lovers on the beach.


  2. Bradley Cooper. The only movie work he has done in the last couple of years is voiceover and he just finished double duty on A Star Is Born. I guess working with Lady Gaga could drive anyone to an early retirement.


  3. After a lot of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is Leonardo DiCaprio. He hasn’t acted since The Revenant in 2015 and although he’s working with Quentin Tarantino again on that Charles Manson movie, that’s all he has coming up. Could that be his last movie?


  4. Hiddleston is a good guess. Hasn’t signed on to anything new in over a year. Isn’t doing theatre. Hasn’t been seen really except as promo things for projects already completed. I think he’s done.


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