Daily Blind Item — Royal Wedding Invite


Meghan and Harry marry in a just a few days and the event promises be one of the most extravagant and controversial in royal history… Despite all of this, only a third of the British public are actually interested according to a recent poll.

Well, this A lister, not a member of the British public but a regular in Britain, is definitely interested and was allegedly pressing for an invite.

‘[name omitted] wasn’t invited because it’s supposed to not be a celebrity affair,’ says the source, ‘but given what I hear about [name omitted]’s drinking… My theory is that everybody wanted to avoid an ER visit.’


So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our A lister?

40 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Royal Wedding Invite

  1. Abolish the monarchy and institutionalised discrimination and inherent wealth and white privilege. It’s antiquated in this day and age, and sets a bad example to the youth.


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