Daily Blind Item — #MeToo Liar


#MeToo is catching a lot of flack right now in Hollywood with several celebrities – including Sean Penn and Lee Daniels – controversially criticising the groundbreaking movement.

One of the reasons that many are turning on the trend is because there’s a certain A list actress that has jumped on the bandwagon and claimed to have been a victim.

‘She was notorious for pursuing producers and directors,’ says a source. ‘Now she’s trying to misrepresent what actually happened and play the victim. Everyone knows, too, so it’s cheeky as hell.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our #metoo liar?

43 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — #MeToo Liar

  1. Wasn’t Jennifer Lawrence accused of chasing power players? It explains a lot regarding her David O. Russell and Harvey Weinstein connections…


    • Mira Sorvino’s career coming to an end so abruptly in the late 90’s / early 2000’s was always suspicious to me. Little did I know 😉


  2. Cheeky seems out of place and therefore a clue. For what I don’t know. Cheeky as in ass? Does JLow have a metoo story?!!?


    • Queen Sarah, of course you are experiencing hysteria. It seems to happen to you on quite a regular basis.

      Luckily, since I see modern treatment has yet to assist in your mental or emotional wellbeing, there is a historically-proven effective treatment course you may find helpful. You can actually treat yourself using modern technology. I recommend the Thunderstick. Bonus: you’ll only be able to type half as quickly if one hand is busy!


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