Daily Blind Item — Reboot Murder


What happens when everybody wants a reboot but one of the stars of the classic show?

Well, we’re about to find out because this reboot of this mega hit show is coming back and without one of the main stars. Apparently members of the cast have the perfect solution, which is effectively something like ‘kill the fucker off’.

Not the funniest solution to a cast clash I’ve ever heard, but I can already hear the fans screaming ‘Yas queens’ and ‘SLAAAY’ on social media.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

What is our show?

Bonus: Who isn’t coming back?

46 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Reboot Murder

  1. The Larry Sanders Show. For some reason Garry Shandling doesn’t want to return. HBO have tried calling and he hasn’t returned any of their calls.


  2. Friends is returning with a diverse, young new cast with a transgender, a lesbian and a straight white male as the villain.


  3. Think I’ve bloody got it! Ally McBeal. Portia de Rossi is retiring from acting and doesn’t want back on. Could also be Lucy Liu who has a different show on the air.


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