Daily Blind Item — Reformed Bitch


She had one of the worst reputations in Hollywood because of her bad attitude and her lack of professionalism.

Not anymore. Our A list actress is quickly becoming a beloved figure in the industry once again because of her good behaviour on the set of her new show.

‘Dare I say reformed bitch?’ a source says. ‘Seems like she got knocked around the head and turned into a different person.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our actress?

42 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Reformed Bitch

  1. Don’t be so premature with the celebration, source dear. Once someone has been humbled, they usually redeem themselves for awhile before lapsing into their old ways.


  2. Lea Michele and Gwyneth Paltrow were my natural guesses, but neither have shows filming / filmed. Katherine Heigl, however, has joined the cast of Suits as the replacement for Princess Meghan Sparkles, so maybe her.


  3. Katherine Heigl. Knock(ed) as a clue, as other have said.

    ‘Turned into a different person’ could also a clue, since Katherine was in Wish Upon a Star, one of the body swap movies.


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