Daily Blind Item — Interview Block

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It will soon be time for this A list actress to promote her big movie and memos are already being given out to journalists and magazines that she will absolutely not talk about the Me Too Movement or the Harvey Weinstein scandal or anything related.

Does it hit a little too close to home? Does she just want to avoiding heading down that rabbit hole? Who knows? Either way. Don’t expect to see her chit-chatting or getting blue over anything pertaining to those topics any time soon.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our A lister?

PS: The Gossip Life will return on the 18th of June.

48 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Interview Block

  1. Another so called woman that doesn’t support or defend her own kind because she’s been the victim of internalised misogyny. For shame.


  2. Nicole Kidman. “Down the rabbit hole” could be a hint to Rabbit Hole. She infamously didn’t condemn Harvey Weinstein until much later.


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