Blind Item Revealed — Heather Locklear

This actress could be considered B-list, maybe A-list in her prime with some spin. She consistently managed to find decent work throughout the eighties and the nineties in the primetime field, but what you don’t know about her is she is an unbelievably negligent parent.

Some people just aren’t made to be parents and this actress is one of them. She would deliberately take bad work to avoid spending time at home with her offspring. One of her ex-husbands calls her a selfish person that needs her alone time more than anything else. Relations of the actress are in constant fear for her life because of her addictions.

Who is our actress?


Heather Locklear

The Story: Heather Locklear arrested for allegedly kicking first responders

Blind Posting: 27/05/15

Popular Guesses: Heather Locklear / Shannon Doherty

When I posted this blind item in mid 2015, Locklear seemed to be a good mom with her life on track. That’s what the public saw, anyway. Little did they know that addictions and mental illness were destroying the former Dynasty star behind-the-scenes.

And in 2018, all of these issues came to ahead with Lockear’s involvement in multiple legal troubles, domestic abuse (she attacked her own mom, which her daughter witnessed) and even a suicide attempt hitting the headlines. Do you now see why I mentioned her relations are in constant fear for her life?

Locklear’s daughter, Ava, hasn’t spoken about the troubles, but an insider weighed on Ava, telling Us: ‘She has been really sad and just down lately, out of sorts and not her usual self.’

17 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed — Heather Locklear

  1. This all comes from her getting old and no longer being a piece of ass. She can’t handle it. She’s losing her fucking mind.


  2. I missed the time when Melrose Place and Heather Locklear were popular, but I’ve seen her appear on various shows throughout the years and I really don’t see the appeal of her as an actress… Can someone explain why she’s so popular?


    • Heather was part of the tan and blonde bombshell that besieged 90’s TV and Playboy. Pamela Anderson obviously led the pack, but I’d also include Heather, Anna Nicole Smith and even Sharon Stone (in movies.) None of them could act particularly, but that didn’t do anything to stop the media attention, especially when it came to their relationships.


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