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Daily Blind Item — Trump Derangement Syndrome


He’s a living legend and admired by many, but I’m hearing whispers that more and more people are worried about the mental health of this A list actor and the yes men that enable him.

‘He’s erratic,’ says a source. ‘Obsessive and emotional about politics and the liar in the White House. I’m convinced he’s heading for a mental breakdown.’

Trump Derangement Syndrome – much like Obama Derangement Syndrome – is real.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our crazy actor?



  1. Robert DeNiro. He can’t bloody stand Trump and seems to make a reference to him every time he’s in public. That can’t be healthy!!


  2. Jim Carrey. One or two tweets is fine, but a nonstop stream that includes paintings etc? It’s getting to creepy territory.


  3. Bobby De Niro. Living legend, surrounded by yes men (that told him the Fokker movies were a good idea), hates Trump. All ticks.


    • I would think his wife of twenty years is comfortable enough to tell him if his behavior is bordering on deleterious. That’s why I would rule De Niro out.


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