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Daily Blind Item — Fame Hungry Wife


Playboy might not be as relevant as it once was, but this fame hungry, beautiful wife of an A lister is jumping at the chance to be in the iconic men’s magazine.

‘She wants to pose,’ says the source. ‘It isn’t about the money as much as it’s about the potential career implications. Her husband has no say in the matter.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our fame hungry wife?



  1. Little out there, but noticed that Alison Brie has gotten naked a couple of times on Glow. Just took me a bit aback because she didn’t seem the type. Maybe she’s reinventing her career and going down a more sexual light? She’s married to Dave Franco and he’s turning out to be a big name.


  2. Elsa Pataky. Chris Hemsworth’s wife. Adrien Brody bought her a 19th-century estate after dating her for a year. She clearly knows how to wrap men around her finger.


  3. Jenna Dewan. She’s technically still married to Channing Tatum, which would explain why ‘husband has no say’ and ‘jumping to’ could be a nod to his franchise Jump Street…


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