Daily Blind Item — Political, Closeted Actor


When you combine the words “political” and “actor”, this B list actor should be one of the first that comes to mind.

Well, a source informs me that this political actor is is danger of being outed or blackmailed. Apparently he’s been hitting the gay clubs a little hard recently and an undercover journalist (not us) has been made aware. A story could already be in the works.

I guess this actor might be spending a lot of time at his house soon.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our political actor?


37 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Political, Closeted Actor

  1. This seems like it could be George Clooney, but would anyone call George a B lister? I know he hasn’t done anything for awhile now…


  2. I feel a lot of pressure since Bubble and Scott praised me for being on point lately, so I did my research and I’m led to Kal Penn. He was in Obama’s administration and was on the show House. Unmarried and there are rumors about his sexuality on some forums. D-d-did I do good?


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