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Trash Watch — Ariel Winter Loves Being Groped


With Modern Family jumping more sharks than an Australian daredevil, the altruistic and giving Ariel Winter has attempted to distract us all from the terrible storylines and stale comedy in a selfless sacrifice that has Mother Teresa envying from Heaven.

We’re well used to Winter, 20, posting flattering-and-misleading slutty shots on Instagram and Snapchat during the summer, but the Modern Family thot – tell me that doesn’t flow so well – has kicked things up a porno step this summertime by sharing quite a few pictures of her boyfriend and unemployed actor, Levi Meaden, 30, groping her ass.

Obviously the tabloids ate this up (no pun intended) with such original headlines as ‘That’s Cheeky’, so the Modern Family Thot once again succeeded in her attempt to get attention.

It’s obviously as low class as you can get without shagging for cash, but it does majorly triumph in one element — keeping Ariel Winter on the throne as one of our reigning queens of trash.



  1. It surprises me the levels of depravity that these young actresses will sink to, dears. Are agents simply too afraid of their clients?


  2. “sharing quite a few pictures of her boyfriend and unemployed actor, Levi Meaden, 30, groping her ass.”

    Gotta say this got a good laugh outta me!!!


  3. The kids from MF as just as fucked career wise as the adults. The male leads will probably get parts on a few short lived series. The female leads are both over 40, they might as well be invisible in Hollywood. I see “mother” bit parts in movies with younger female leads. The kids need to be saving every penny for the long barren desert ahead – except for the one with liver disease that still likes to party. She’ll be dead by 40.


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