Best & Worst Dressers on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has just finished airing after an incredibly disappointing season, but while the drama and the tension wasn’t there on the screen; the fashion as per usual gave me life for good and bad reasons.

So, I thought… Why not rank the best and worst dressers Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Anything is bound to be more interesting than recapping Dorit being late again.



As much as I hate to give Dorit and that phoney accent of hers any credit, I must admit that’s she’s quite easily in the top tier of dressers on RHONY. Almost effortlessly stylish and aided by her model-esque body. Dorit slays in tight, age-and-birth-defying dresses, as well as more casual youthful looks like this one here.

With that being said the Connecticut-born, English-accented beauty makes the same mistake that many of her cast members make by valuing brand prestige over style, memorably and hideously sporting a Gucci fanny pack for reasons still unknown.


Understated, simplistic and feminine, Teddi doesn’t like you’d expect a Real Housewife or a reality star of any show to dress and yet – not only does it work for her – but it works for us too. She pretty much earned her place here by being the only one at the reunion to look like she wore something from this decade. See here.

Erika Giraldi aka Erika Jayne

I have mixed feelings about Erika’s fashion overall, but due to her daring nature and the lack of viable competition, she sneaks in at the bottom of the Best list.

Although I’m not a huge fan of her approach to fashion as she seems to like dressing up in costume rather than dressing up to be stylish, I think that when she strikes somewhere in between she really does strike hot. Love this outfit on Erika.


Kyle Richards

Quite possibly the worst dressers in any of the franchises, Kyle makes the carnal sin of not knowing how to dress for her body and often picking out the ugliest outfits that Gucci or any of the top brands have to offer. See here for proof.

As LuAnn infamously said, ‘Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes.’ Apparently so do Gucci and whenever they do, there’s Kyle Richards to sweep it up and wear it.

How does she own a fashion store? It’s like Sonja Morgan running a rehab clinic!

Lisa Vanderpump

I’ve always thought the iconic LVP looked at least ten years older than her actual age of apparently 57 (that means she was in her late 40’s during the first season of RHOBH) and a large part of me thinking that is due to her campy, Joan-Collins-in-Dynasty-esque style.

A huge fan of big sleeves, ruffles and anything shiny, LVP almost always looks dated. She tries to add a little youth and vibrancy to her looks with the belts by Gucci and Chanel, but nothing could overcome sleeves that would make Elvis blush and metallic that only works on a sports car. See here for just one example of LVP getting it wrong.  Oh. And here.

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna almost ended up on the best, but Erika ended up stealing her spot because unlike Erika, when it comes to style, Lisa is as lazy with fashion as she is with her Melrose Place hair. It’s fine; it works, but she rarely changes it up and never really brings the fire and although Lisa is making a name for herself for being indolent (she admitted she didn’t deliberately bring drama on the last season of RHOBH), I’m simply not a fan.

An example of Lisa being boring style-wise here. 


13 thoughts on “Best & Worst Dressers on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    • Teddi has the best everyday style, whereas Erika has more ambition and experimentation. Definitely agree with the criticism that Erika always seems to be in costume, however.


  1. Erika is a bad actress pretending to be stylish and being as unconvincing as Kate Winslet as a sex symbol. Dorit is terrible in every way. Kyle has too much designer, too little decorum. Lisa dresses like a pink Elvis and that is most disturbing. The rest I do not care enough about to comment on, but I assume they’re forgettable in taste.


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