Daily Blind Item — Black Actress Battlefield


It’s the early 2000’s and a hot role for a black woman has just opened up. It comes with a big salary, guaranteed exposure and will almost definitely be a great launchpad for an acting career.

‘It was damn near war,’ a high-level source remembers. ‘Someone’s agent tried to bribe the producers. One actress even tried to sleep with the director. Another tried to intimidate the competition into withdrawing.’

This A list supermodel auditioned, campaigned and got rejected in the first round of interviews. She was bitter for months afterwards. Even blaming her agent.

This A list actress, who is and was respected by the Oscars, seemed to be the favourite until this A list superstar emerged late in the process, pounced like a panther and got the role over her. People were not happy with how that went down. A real casing horror story.

You’ll laugh when I tell you what the movie was.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is the A list superstar that got the role?

Who is the A list supermodel that auditioned?

Who is the A list actress that lost out?

PS: Not any of the actresses in the top picture.

41 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Black Actress Battlefield

  1. shot in the dark. dreamgirls. part being deena jones. super model that auditioned would be tyra. superstar that got it would be beyonce. actress that lost it would be Marianne Jean-Baptiste or Sophie Okonedo. both oscar nominees at the time.


  2. “Panther” must be a clue. Angela Bassett must be one of them – think she’s the only BP cast member working in the early 2000s. “Horror Story” is another clue. I don’t watch it, anyone have any idea.


    • Looking at Bassett’s IMDB, she’s in Horror Story. Also since she’s the one who pounced, I guess she’s the one that got it. But her early 2000s films are shitty. I don’t see any “launchpads” so I guess it isn’t her.


        • Agreed, so I don’t think she was the panther that one it tho I still think she’s one of the people from the clues and her roles in “Black Panther” and AHS.


    • Like this. It was a big part and the third movie in a successful franchise is a good launchpad. Super model would either be Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks, the superstar would be Beyonce, then the A list actress would be Angela Bassett.


  3. Think it was “The Score” for the movie. Had Brando, De Niro and Edward Norton working together and was Brando’s big comeback.

    Angela Bassett got the part
    Iman or Naomi Campbell for the A list Model
    Other A list actress was ???


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