Daily Blind Item — Worst Directing Gig In Town


We’re going back a couple of years for this, but the show is still on the air.

It’s probably one of the high profile shows around and you would think that would be a dream gig for any television director, but more and more agents are sharing that directing isn’t actually on the cards if you get hired.

‘The stars pretty much direct themselves,’ says the source. ‘They choose how a scene plays out and the tone. Unless you’re a major director, you’re just going to get ignored.’

It’s apparently the only show currently on the air that works like that.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

What is our show?

Who are our stars?

36 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Worst Directing Gig In Town

    • I’ve watched a lot of the behind-the-scenes extras of Game of Thrones and the directors usually get a lot of power over the feel and even the writing of the episode. Especially when there’s a big battle involved…


      • Very correct. Miguel Sapochnik (who is very English despite the name) clearly had control over a lot of his episodes, especially Battle of the Bastards.

        According to director Miguel Sapochnik in interviews, the original version of the battle that Benioff and Weiss intended was unfilmable, and changed significantly by the final version. Sapochnik correctly estimated that filming such a complex fight sequence with 70 live horses would take a large amount of production time – on the scale of two to three times longer than they had budgeted for filming it. As Sapochnik predicted, filming ran overtime, and the final three days’ worth of filming from the original script had to be abandoned.

        Sapochick also took the unusual step of insisting that the battle be filmed in chronological order, explicitly to serve the performance of the actors


      • David Benioff and Daniel Weiss definitely call the shots overall on GOT. Thanks to them we’ve got such great storylines as The Sandsnakes and such great dialogue as “bad pussy” and “your sister”.


  1. House of Cards. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are / were both producers and I highly bloody doubt they’re willing to listen to a no name television director with the careers they’ve had!!


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