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Daily Blind Item — Big Celebrity, Big Donation


Britney Spears was reportedly very attached to Kabbalah in the mid 2000s, but left after growing sick of the hierarchy constantly badgering her for money.

Well, we have a similar case here with one big difference. This big time celebrity is temporarily living in a new country and after constant badgering from their controversial religious belief, has given in and already donated a huge chunk of money for the building of a new religious centre.

‘It’s a lie,’ says the source. ‘I doubt anything will be built. It’s all a money grab.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our living legend?

What is the religious belief?



  1. I knew Britney was into Kabalah for awhile, but I wasn’t aware that was why she left. I guess Scientology and NXIVM aren’t the only avaricious cults in Los Angeles.


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