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Who is the married footballer with the leaked What’s App foursome video?


The Daily Mail reported (said with tongue in cheek) today on a Premier League club denying that footage circulating on What’sApp of a foursome involves one of their star players.

The married man, who cannot be named for legal reasons (likely an injunction), is supposedly a ‘household name’ and none of the women in the video are his wife. Uh oh.

The whole situation is very reminiscent to Alan Pardew trying to cover up his dirty deed  or Robbie Keane attempting to hide his cheeky affair.

Now I don’t want to dish the dirt too hard, but my sources and I all agree on who it looks like. Unfortunately I cannot share this information for legal reasons. Sorry about that, Gossipers.

In other news, Liverpool’s record signing goalkeeper Alisson continues to impress with several clean sheets.



    • You’d think we could just wait for the divorce case to start up to figure out who it is but so many wives refuse to leave these dirtbags.


      • More in love with the lifestyle than anything. Just look at ol Colleen Rooney. Didn’t want anything to do with him until Everton picked him up.


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