Daily Blind Item — Grow Some Hair Or Get a New Job


We’ve spoken about how brutal the industry can be to actors that are losing their hair before, but this is one of the craziest stories I’ve ever been told and it comes from a good source at a major studio.

Apparently this A list actor, who plays a superhero, has been warned that if he doesn’t do anything about his dying hair situation, then he’ll be forced to wear a wig and not just on set either.

I guess it’ll be interesting to see what happens with his hair follicles.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our actor?

52 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Grow Some Hair Or Get a New Job

    • I really don’t agree with any objectification in any form, especially if involves pressuring someone to change their appearance to satisfy unrealistic standards set by society…


  1. With all the social progress has been made, I am ready for a bald superhero that will smash records at the box office and be celebrated for being groundbreaking by Hollywood while annoying all the rest of us.


  2. Unfortunately this isn’t a new predicament or a new response. Christopher Reeve wore a toupee as Superman and Sean Connery wore one as James Bond.


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