Daily Blind Item — First Nudity of a Superstar



She’s one of the biggest actresses on the face of the planet, a huge favorite of men and women alike, and has always had a firm non-nudity clause in her contract, but our GL sources tell me that not only does she test the nudity waters in an upcoming flick, but she’s also now open to the idea. I guess that very subtle breast work (not a boob job) is paying off.

This could be big news in the tabloids.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our actress?

67 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — First Nudity of a Superstar

    • Americans have very different standards to sex and nudity, but I wouldn’t say they’re better or worse than ours. Just very different. Never understood their simultaneous approval of violence, though.


      • That always makes me think of the poster for Sin City, where Eva Green is holding a gun and you can her nipples through her shirt. The studio had no problem with the gun, but they lost their minds over the nipples…


  1. I was going with Jennifer Lawrence, but I remembered that she undressed in that horrible Russian spy film. Wasn’t she the last one standing? Even ScarJo has gotten naked. Just remembered Emma Watson could be a good answer.


  2. I rarely guess on these things, but Emma Stone has her first ever nude scene in The Favourite. I actually just saw it in Venice and definitely see it as an Oscar contender. Very funny and memorable. Olivia Colman is taking home the Golden Globe and definitely an Oscar nomination. It plays out as if David Lynch did an English period piece. Apparently Kate Winslet, who really needs a hit, dropped out (Originally cast in Colman’s role) for the dumbest reason.


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