Blind Item Revealed — Henry Cavill

Thanks to its passionate fan base, the television adaption of The Witcher is one of the hottest properties on Netflix’s slate and the streaming service hopes the show will not only succeed HBO’s Game of Thrones as the leading epic fantasy on the air, but also beat off stiff competition from Amazon’s Lord of the Rings and HBO’s very own Game of Thrones prequel(s).

It’s starting to all feel very real because we’re told exclusively that the lead role (Geralt) has been offered to an actor. We’re fully expecting a very divided response from the passionate fan base when it’s announced. I can’t say much more, but I will say it’s a super choice.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our actor?

PS: The rest of the cast is mostly unknowns.


Henry Cavill & The Witcher

The Story: Henry Cavill to Star in ‘Witcher’ Series at Netflix

Blind Posting: 27/08/18

Popular Guesses: Henry Cavill / Idris Elba

I told you about it last week and we have already have confirmation with Netflix announcing that Henry Cavill, the current Superman actor, has been cast as Geralt in their upcoming television adaptation of the popular book and video game series, The Witcher.

Cavill reportedly campaigned hard for the role behind-the-scenes and The Witcher showrunner even claim to have had the Superman star audition four months ago.

I couldn’t have made this one more obvious with the “super” hint thrown in there. Expect Netflix to announce the rest of the cast in coming weeks and do not be surprised to see quite a diverse cast without any huge names.

38 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed — Henry Cavill

    • As a Witcher fan, this makes me very nervous. The devotees who pushed for the show to be made have a VERY clear idea of how their characters should be brought to life; after all, they have plenty of source material.

      I’m still willing to keep an open mind until I see it. It’s just very worrisome if loyal fans expect one thing and Netflix instead sacrifices source material to reach a new audience.


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