Daily Blind Item — Lots of Auditions


With that big television show coming to an end, a lot of the cast are planning to take some time off and just relax for a few months or years (depending on the actor). Not this actress. She has more auditions booked across town than almost anyone else.

“She’s pursuing a couple of parts at Netflix,” shares the source.

I wonder what that says about the state of her personal life.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our actress?

What are the shows that she’s pursuing?

47 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Lots of Auditions

  1. It might have been rare for most actors to go from one show to another in quick succession, but I think that will change with the new generation. They’re so much more eager to work, even if it means sacrificing their personal lives.


  2. Sophie Turner seems like the obvious guess with her Crown rumours, but I’m actually going with Maisie Wiliams right now. I know there’s a lot of speculation that she’s broken up with her boyfriend, Ollie. She recently launched a new app to support young creatives and that must be an expensive business endeavour.


  3. Maisie Williams. Strike while the iron is hot, and she’s going to netflix because the major studies don’t want someone that is less conventionally beautiful a la sophie turner.


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