Daily Blind Item — The Harvey Weinstein Connection


I don’t know if any of you remember the iconic Alex Rodriguez herpes chart that was circulating for awhile, but it tried to figure out which celebrities had herpes, working from an initial source (which people said was ARod) to women that he dated (Jessica Biel etc.) to the men that they then dated (Justin Timberlake etc.)

The Harvey Weinstein scandal caused a lot of controversy for a lot of people, but these two A list actresses in particular were asked to be “gentle” with their statements by a very important connection.

‘They’re close to someone who is very close to Harvey,’ a source tells us. ‘Someone who was completely complicit in his dealings.’

If the media dug deep and reported on this Harvey Weinstein connection, then it could spell another scandal for the actresses in question.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who are our actresses?

What is their connection?

41 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — The Harvey Weinstein Connection

  1. I did a lot of research to try and figure this out. I guessed Nicole Kidman based on the fact TGL seeming to know a lot about her personal life in the past. That guess actually led me to Nicole’s creative partner, Reese Witherspoon. Neither condemned Harvey and I was wondering why. Nicole’s connection is obvious. She worked with Harvey on a regular basis.

    I searched high and low for one, but Reese had no obvious connection to Harvey. I couldn’t even find history of them working together. Then it hit me. Her producing partner is Bruna Papandrea who is married to Steve Hutensky. You might not know that name, but he’s a former MIramax Vice President that was nicknamed the Chief Cleaner for good reason. He negotiated settlements with Zelda Perkins amongst many others after they left Miramax with accusations against Harvey. He’s a producer now and seems to have escaped any backlash.

    I expect that to change if publications pick up this story.


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