Daily Blind Item — The Comeback


Louis CK made his comedy comeback recently after getting caught up in the #MeToo media blitz.

Well, this A lister is readying for a comeback too. He’s apparently reached out to friends and allies. No one is taking the bait just yet, but he’s trying to make something happen, but it might not be nearly as mainstream or as Hollywood as he maybe would like.

Usually I would suspect Hollywood would be forgiving in a situation like this (Mel Gibson, Alec Baldwin etc), but a lot of people are scared of a backlash, especially with how bad it could look in the media.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our A lister?


43 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — The Comeback

  1. Louis C.K. is a pervert, but he is not even close to the level of the rest of them. The media was just hungry to take that masturbating Mexican down.


  2. I guess Kevin Spacey. The LAPD just dropped their case against him. The timing works. Someone tell Kevin that NONE of us are interested in him coming back, especially after that statement.


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