Daily Blind Item — Stop the Leaks!


We’re hearing that there might be trouble in paradise at this big time network / streaming service.

Apparently the producers of this A list show are furious with the network, blaming them for recent leaks and even outright accusing them of staging the leaks to force the producers into making decisions.

‘They pretend to be handsoff,’ whispers someone on the producer side,’ but they’ll try to pressure you into fulfilling their agenda through media contacts.’

A source on the network side tells us that the producers are just being paranoid and leaks such as this happen with every big show.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Which is the A list show we’re talking about?


39 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Stop the Leaks!

  1. The Witcher. A recent leak was the Ciri casting call. No white actresses allowed to audition. Caused a lot of shit from racists and trolls. Netflix leaked it to stop the producers from going through with it?


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