Daily Blind Item — Keep That Hidden


You might consider this popular couple A list and I wouldn’t blame you. They’re adored by their fans and occasionally set social media on fire with their relationship, but something that they’re worked very hard to keep from public knowledge is their shady beginnings.

“They were both in relationships when they first started bumping uglies,” source “Gay Gregory” says. “It would probably cause a lot of shit on social people if their stans found that little fun fact out. Whoopsie!”

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our couple?

40 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Keep That Hidden

  1. This could be anyone, but I’m narrowing it down based on couples that are constantly trending on social media. Seems like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are good candidates. How many memes do we need of them two at this point?


  2. I guess Arianna Grande and Pete Davidson. Weren’t their breakups with Mac Miller and Cassie David really weirdly timed? If it is them, then this blind is napalm…


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